In Today’s Digital Age, Experiencing a Sense of Wonder First Hand, is a Rare Experience

Spirit Theater, Romy Rafael’s Mesmerizing Live show Limited only for 13 People

Performed weekly every Friday in an elegant Deli & Bistro in Kemang Area, Jakarta, features an Experiments in Suggestion, Intuition, Psychometry, Mind-Reading,

And an Astonishing Mind Experiment called “Mind to Mind Communication” is every guest favorite, Romy Rafael mesmerizing his guests with Mind Reading and Psychometric Experiment up close as he recreates a Victorian Séance that characterized Europe in the early 20th century.

Guests are invited into an elegant Restaurant in the legendary Bistro and Deli in Kemang, dressed to impress in cocktail attire. The adults-only audience for each performance is limited to 13 people, guaranteeing each guest an intimate view of every mesmerizing Psychological Experiment.

Come see why Romy Rafael has mesmerize every guest, weekly!
Now, discover indonesia’s most sought after Mystery Worker for yourself!
Show Duration: 120 minutes

Entrance Fee Rp.350.000 per person (Limited for 13 Person each Show)

Including :

√ Workbook

√ Audio Hypnotherapy

√ Snack

√ Coffee

√ Tea

If you would like to book your seat  Please Contact us Here