Most People are trapped in Everyday Habit and Ritual,

To have a Better Live you Must Choose How You live And How You Think

During more than Five years of service we have helped many individuals who were struggling with their Emotional issue.

Most of them had previously sought other opinions and attempted other strategies with less than optimal results. We have successfully assisted most of them by enhancing self-healing and maximizing quality of life.


“…Romy Rafael is helping the government effort to establish an independent society to live in Wellness …”

Dr. dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, Sp.JP(K) - Indonesia Minister of Health


“…Romy Rafael supporting our government effort to overcome drugs issue in all level..”

Kapolri General (Pol) Sutanto - Indonesia Chief of Police (Chief of Board of State Narcotics)


“….Romy Rafael believe from what he do best, which is Hypnotherapy, for you who want to stop smoking and quit your addiction, I believe if you follow his curriculum, you will have your desire result in no time …”

Ferry Salim - Actor, Presenter, UNICEF National Ambassador


“…Smart Solution for smart people once an executive from Cigarette company was asked by his Advertisement Model, why does the people in his company is not smoking, in a firm answer he reply that …We Just Sell it, we reserve the right to Smoke for the young, the poor and the Stupid….if I am a smoker, I will be offended by that message, Romy Rafael Curriculum is the best to help you               overcome your Addiction …Romy Rafael will uncover the root of your Addiction and teach you various Healing tools so you can heal yourself…Be Smart…Quit Smoking Now…”

Fuad Baradja - Activis from Foundation to Overcome Cigarettes related Issue


“…Hypnotherapy from Romy Rafael and his strategy and detail approach make us believe that we can heal our self and change to overcome our issue … a positive work from someone who is positive and for you who think positive ….”

Ade Rai - Muscle Mania Champion & Healthy Living Activist


“…Hypnotism is a major force of knowledge for our life and with any other knowledge, if it is used wisely then it will bring powerful wisdom, and that is my wish from  Romy Rafael healing Curriculums..”

Dewi Lestari - Author of Best Seller Novel  “Supernova” & “Coffee Philosophy”


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