Overcome Stress with Hypnotherapy

There are many books about stress management, so, why should you read this one? 

  1. Because you can call this book “a simple guide”. There are so many book that you can read, but they contain complicate and useless and information. In this book, the focus is not only on the causes of stress, this book also help you to deal with stress that you’re facing everyday, and help you to manage your own mind.
  2. This book can help you to learn that you can manage your stress by your self, since you don’t have to avoid stress; you just need to learn how to deal with it.
  3. This book gives you understanding about Hypnotherapy and how it can to help you to overcome stress and understanding of how Hypnotherapy can help your life.
  4. This book can help you to become a person that capable to deal with It’s not complicated to manage your stress. You dont have to change your whole lifestyle, what you need to do is simply apply the simple guide from this book. I can promise you that all the advices in this book can help you to keep calm whenever you deal with stress.

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What is stress? The Facts About Stress

Do you often worry about anything? Do you feel tired, or feel discomfort? Are you lacking energy or suffering much pain, or cold and flu? Or do you feel that your life is somehow out of control?

If you answer “yes” for those questions, then it could be a sign that you are in stress. Because in this modern life, we tend to live our life in busy days, and having much pressure.

It doesn’t matter whoever you are, everybody deal with stress, and been experience the impacts, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s so obvious, what stress is and different shape of stress. There are many different causes of stress and every cause affects the person in different ways.

Pressure, anxiety, too much activities, feeling out of control, unable to cope, all these feeling will appear if we are in stress. However, stress can be good for our life. So, my definition of stress is: how our body and mind reacts toward changes.

The key to overcome stress is your ability to:

  1. Adapt to change the condition you’re in and
  2. How you accept the events that happen in your life. 

If you’re able to adapt your self in every circumtances in your life, then stress is not a problem for you. When you cannot adapt your self, or do not want to adapt, that stress can lead you to problem in your life. In short, when stress affects your mind, it makes you feel that you can’t handle it.

Stress can ruin career, relationship, and health. Stress also can be defined as a modern cancer in twenty-first century. You should be able to be calm and relax, stress is not something new. New technology, new choices, and modern life, all of them have contribution in stress level that often get increase. Stress has been with all of us since the beginning of time. Stress is fact, and part of our life.

And now, I want to help you understand about stress and find the way to decrease the bad impact of stress, and protect yourself from stress later, because stress is not a disease. Stress is a result of your reaction toward a situation. Something that you can’t control and wait to attack you, or to help you grow and be a better person.

Researches show that people under stress tend to get ill or depressed, and on the other side, stress can sharpen reflexes and can help you to face demanding situation. If you can learn how to use your potential personality to meet the challenges, stress can bring you to greater self-awareness and self confidence.

If you live with no stress, you’re not gonna be a better person, your life must be so predictable. The only one thing you can do is adapt for changes, change your attitude towards stress, change your reaction towards stress and your perception of stress.

Try to think of stress in more positive view, take it as a spice of your life, as long as you’re still alive, stress is part of your life, because every human activities involve stress. The key to happy life and success cannot be achieved if you’re avoiding stress,  but it’s all about how you control stress, and this book will show you the way. You will learn that you have all the resources in your own self that needed to deal with stress and manage it your self.


Your Response to Stress

It’s important to know how stress affects our mind and body, and you also need to know when stress begin to harmful to yourself. Some immediate effects are increased sweating, faster or irregular heartbeat, and you may feel some tingling in your feet or hand, discomfort in your stomach and feel the urge to go to bathroom.     

All those feelings will affect us emotionally, you will notice every changes when you’re angry, anxious, scared, or excited. Your body responds to the emotions and preparing you for the unwanted changes that you’re scared of, even if it never happen, but all that negative thoughts can disrupt your life.

When you’re under stress, physically or emotionally, it makes body create the same kind of biochemical responses. Your body will try to adapt with stress by releasing more stress hormones in higher level, but it’s only temporary, sooner or later it ends up in exhaustion. Both your mind and body will give up.

Your immune system affected when stress continues, increasing the possibility of infection. Have you ever notice that when you’re relax and happy, your body tend to be healtier? The main stress hormone, adrenaline, releasing glucose in blood. If it happen for a long time, it can lead to exhaustion and get forced to consume the food that can increasing your energy. You may feel the urge for foods that can quickly boost your energy. The problem with this quick fix it only works as a short-term solution. You get a lift, and that is followed by another dip, which leaves you looking for another fix.

This can create a negative circle which can lead you to fatigue, eating too much, weight gain, and mood swing. The effect of stress on body weight is not the same for everyone. Some people lose their weight when they are stressed, and the other people consumed more food so that they gain more weight.

So far, we’ve been focusing on body, remember that stress can also appear in abnormal anxiety that can affect our life quality, such as sleep quality. Insomnia is a  common symptom of stress, and stress also associated with mood swing, impulsive behavior, lack of concentration, low self-esteem, and depression.


Hypnotherapy for your mind

It’s so hard to overcome stress when you’re having tension, panic or worry. You need to feel relax before you able to start overcome your stress.

With hypnotherapy, you can get relaxation like you yourself being recharged, and you can focus on any things that makes you feel better, that’s when you can manage and control your stress and give yourself some time to get relax. You can do this by listening “Audio CD Hypnoterapy for Relaxation” which included in this book, you need to learn to to relax by reading this simple guide book.

The main aim is for spare some times from your busyness and make you focus in relaxation, for that reason, you should use “Audio CD Hypnoterapy for Relaxation” as a simple way to slowly relaxing your body and mind.

Do not expect relaxation to be an easy thing. Relaxation is a skill that need to be practiced. Natural therapy like Hypnotherapy can help you to deal with your stress much better. Relaxation is the fondation of every technique to overcome stress.


Yet you can make your stress even worse

Think about this one, you may not notice this, but you already have some way to overcome your stress. Unfortunately, instead of decreasing your stress level, your “technique” is often make your stress even worse. If you want to overcome your stress, then you have to identify your bad habit in your life, which atucally is a major cause of your stress at the first place.

For example, maybe you’re smoking, drink alcohol, or consumed some drugs to calm yourself, or maybe you’re eating too much, or spending a lot of money or doing other bad habits that you thought can  overcome your stress. Don’t be discouraged if you got unhealthy behavior to deal with stress. First, you need identify your behavior in order to be sensitive on what you’re doing and how to choose the right thing overcome stress, you can start change your negative behavior and make it positive.


Make your stress worse by Negative Thought

If you’re stressed, you tend to have negative thoughts in your mind that give you anxiety. This can create useless thoughts in your mind and finally it becomes bad habit that you might not realize. The problem is, the more negative thoughts that you have, the more negative feelings you get and the more stress you are.

First thing you need to do is noticing that you’re having negative thought pattern. And when you did it, you may be able to decrease your problem by noticing this useless thought.

In stress condition, you may think negatively, such as: thinking about everything in the bad way, thinking about your failure, or just seeing bad side in every situation, and losing your perspective, but actually  tapi sebetulnya hal ini tidak perlu terjadi.

If you know how your stress can affects your mind and your feeling, then it’s a beginning to deal with the stress itself. Next time you feel under pressure, pay attention to the process of your thinking, see if there are any negative thought in your mind.

But what happen often is, when people under stress, they cannot differ whether their thought is negative or negative. They tend not to see the fact, they tend to believe in what they think is true, eventhough it isn’t.

Try to differ between realistic positive thought and misleading negative thought. If you dont believe in negative things that people told you, or that been written in newspaper, then why do you have to accept negativity that appear in your own mind?

Actually, you dont have change your negative thought into positive one, you just have to change it into more appropriate thought. Having positive thought sometimes can be useless and not realistic, just like negative thought. Just look for the bright side when you see all things around you messed up. You should change your negative thought into realistic one, which keep considering at the negative side, but also consider the bright side. For the example, when you’re saying this to yourself:

 "They dont want me for this job, and I will never get another job"

can be replaced with

“I could get this job, but if I’m not the right person, then there will be another job out there that I can apply”

When negative thoughts appear, evaluate them carefully. Do not just take them as the fact automatically, because most of negative thoughts are not fully accurate, and even sometimes misleading and unrealistic. Whenever you get any negative thoughts, or worries, try to change it, make it rational and replace with more realistic thoughts. Ask yourself, "Am I being realistic?". When you have more positive and realistic thought, it can help to reduce your stress.


How to think properly

If there were someone who never do any mistake, I think I dont want to meet that person. It must be so boring. Everyone makes mistake. What the most interesting is, incredible people is people that use their mistake and take it as a lesson. The only way to learn your strength and weakness in by making mistake.

Negative thought can be a barrier for you when you want to reach a new goal or solve your problem. Everytime you made a mistake, your mind see it as a proof of your failure and incompetence. It’s true that failure can be destructive, but it also can help you to grow and learn about your self, and about what you want in your life and what you don not in in your life.

You can get one or more lesson from every experience, even though the experience that dissapoint you. Instead of taking your mistake as a failure, try to see it as a postponed success, that you give you a chance to learn more whenever you feel dissapointed, so that you don’t give up easily and willing to try harder.

Since the failure is a part of human life, do not let  your past disappointment stop you  from your success future. When you have obstacle, it doesnt mean that you’re not gonna make it through. Your failure is not the end of the world. When you see a situation with negative thought, you just add more stress and make the problem even bigger.


You need to do more “Stop and Think

If you dont know what to do in any situation, or when in any problem, and then you have negative thought, it’s will only make your stress level increased.

If you stuck in anxiety, or doubtfullness. Stop and think about possibile solutions that you can take to help you. So when you have any problem, you can reduce your stress by doing this, you’re not gonna give up with your anxiety.


Seven Steps to Solve Your Problem.

  1. Find out the causes of your stress
  2. See if you can do something about that
  3. Try to solve your problem while you still get the chance.
  4. The next step is make a list of the method or option that you can use to solve your problem.
  5. Make sure that you give your self options as many as possible. The more options you got, the more your chances to choose the best solution to solve your problem.
  6. Find as many reason as possible why the solutions you’ve wrote are good and usable, let your ideas come out.
  7. Get your pen and paper, write down the positive and negative consequences you should consider from the options you’ve wrote. 

Make a list of solutions as many as possible, even if it doesnt make sense. Do not make any judgement on your choices, because when you write it down, it will be easier for you to the right solution of your problem.

Think about how many ideas that reflect you really are, not based on people’s opinion, that would be the best for you.

If you consider your choices, evaluate it to see if you really want it or not. Your life will be easier when you know what you really want. You will start to do what is right for you, not what other people think what is right for you.

I recommend you to think as many solutions as possible for your problem, even if it seems not realistic. This process can help you to think lot of solutions, and stop thinking that there is no wayout for your problem.

If you already think some strategies to solve your problem, the next step is use your logic. Do not try to solve your problem with the strategy that can’t be done with your competence. We all have limitation, if you keep trying to solve your problem with the same way that been failed before, you have to change it and try to think about the better solution.

Make your decision in specific way, decide what you’re gonna do, when to do that, where to do that, who will be involved, and what is your backup plan if any mistake happen.

Make sure that you’re prepare it well, and see if it really working, evaluate and get some lessons from that experience. If your solution is working, congratulate your self. For example, maybe you got your dream job, and you want to indulge your self, think about something that you want. The important thing is to acknowledge your successes. Spend some time to think why your solution is working and what you can learn about its strengths and the weakness.

If your solution is not working, If your solutions didn’t work out, don’t torture yourself with self-doubt or anxiety . Try to think why it didn’t work. If you dont get the job that you applied for, maybe it’s because you don’t have enough experience, maybe you dont meet the requirements, or maybe you just don’t prepare it so well. Whatever your conclusion, remember to remind your self that you’re not failed. Congratulate yourself that you got courage in yourself to try. Learn as much as possible from your experience, so that you can have more better option of solutions next time you have similar problem. The more solutions you try, the more lesson you get, and the more you ready face that situation.

My purpose is not to eliminate your stress, but to eliminate your disappointment in your life, to manage and to deal with that feeling, because whatever mistakes or obstacles you have, it’s all the part of how we learn to be a better person.

The major difference of people who suceed in life and failed is, people who succeed is learning from their mistakes.


Hypnotherapy for reducing and managing stress

One of the great ways and sometimes being underestimated to reducing stress is – hypnotherapy. Researches shown that relaxation with hypnotherapy make the system immune better, increasing the positive hormone and normal blood pressure.

This doesnt mean that you have to always treat this life too easy, but it just so many people that thinking too hard. Relaxation can decrease the stress level, just think about what you could feel if you laugh.


Be a person who can overcome your own stress

You can identify the causes of your stress and make positive changes in your life and make positive chances to minimize stress, so that you can be an expert for your own stress. You can be a manager of your own life to face your stress in positive way.

Maybe you’re still not confident in your ability to manage your stress. You may feel that you need extra help. If so, in the next chapter you can read about hypnotherapy as a therapy that can help you to manage and overcome stress.


Hypnotherapy for transformation

Researches shown there are many kinds of therapy that can overcome stress effectively, in this chapter you will be introduced to hypnotherapy, and the reason why hypnotherapy can be defined as the most effective tool to overcome stress, because when it’s practiced by experienced, professional hypnotherapist, it’s absolutely safe, but keep in mind to ensure that you got a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist. If you have problems associated with your health or your dobut, ask your doctor and please make sure before you take hypnotherapy treatment. For the best result, you should make this practice as your daily or weekly part.


Frequently Asked Question about Hypnotherapy

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of total body relaxation with the state of mind awareness increased higher than usual. When entering a state of hypnosis, your awareness of your surrounding will be reduced. Naturally, you will focus your attention to the suggestion that instilled in you as the effort to solve a problem. During the hypnosis process progresses, you are in the stages of change that is useful to improve health, increase self-awareness, and to access postitive sources in your self. You must remember that during hypnosis you will not be in a state of sleep or awake. Likewise you will not lose control of yourself. In a relaxed state, your subconscious mind can receive even more suggestions and capable of providing a response to stimulus from the outside, which is the given suggestion. Suggestion was aimed at the part you wish to change in yourself.

Eventhough some people can be manipulated to do things against their will and teir values, but the technique is not available in clinical hypnosis and ethical code in therapy.


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapy using hypnosis to facilitate desired changes. Suggestions implanted into the subconscious mind while you're in a state of hypnotic relaxation. During the hypnosis process is underway; you can not and will not do something against your will.


How to make myself unable to get hypnotized?

Anyone can be hypnotized as long as they want it. However, there are some people who can not and should not be hypnotized, those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, those who suffered from clinical depression, and those who suffer from epilepsy. If you have already decided to download this Self Hypnosis CD, then you have shown your willingness to be hypnotized.


Will I still remember everything that been told to me?

Most of my clients remember about all the things that been told to them during the hypnotize process. In fact, hypnosis is not different from the situation when you are sleepy or daydreaming. Despite feeling relaxed, you remain fully aware of the situation around you. You do not really asleep or awake. You'll also still hear everything that happens around you. If suddenly something happens that needs your attention, you can immediately open your eyes and able to deal with that situation.


How does it feel to be hypnotized?

You will feel very relaxed, like in a state of half-sleep. Your body may feels very light or heavy sensation, you may also feel some warmth warp up your hands or feet. Whatever you experience, it’s all natural and normal. You may also feel unable to move eventhough you know you can do it. You will feel as time goes so fast. You may also be experiencing rapid eye movement (REM) or eyelid movements are very fast when you enter the stage of hypnosis. Your eyelids flutter, although people are generally not aware of this sensation.

You will not fully awake nor fully asleep. If you fall asleep, you can’t talk with your hypnotherapist. In fact, while in hypnosis you’re even more aware of what happen around you, and usually more selective, you’re never lose your conciousness while in hypnosis. 

How does hypnosis work?

Suggestion that has been implanted, get into your subconscious mind to help you overcome your problems. For examples, to lose your weight, eliminate the negative emotions, improve concentration and memory. When a person get hypnotized, it looks like in sleeping state, but it is not. It can be very relaxing, yet fully aware mentally.


Can hypnosis make me do something silly?

No. Once again, you will never no anything against your will while you’re in hypnosis. Especially for anything against your moral values. It’s only hypnosis for entertainment that makes people do silly things, and this solely for entertainment value. Usually, the person who will be hypnotized already know that it's all for entertainment. So they’re ready to do ridiculous things that will entertain audience. But, when you listen to Hypnosis Audio CD for therapy, you will not be commanded to do silly things since your purpose in only for therapy.


Is it the same process that used in stage hypnosis?

Clinical hypnosis is a process of healing or investigation, the wellness of their client is the only one focus of the procedure, and the purpose of their job is to help their clients. Stage hypnosis is the show where people entertain the audience, and since the main purpose is to keep the audience’s interest and entertain them, the subject is picked carefully before the demonstration begin.


Is there any side effects of hypnosis?

Hypnosis is safe when a competent and qualified hypnotist practices it. But, there are also possibile dangers and complications.

The dangers of hypnotherapy may occur if the hypnotherapist is amateur and not trained to solve your problem with the proper procedure.


Will I lose my self-control during the hypnosis session?

No. You will not lose your control. You are fully in control during the therapy session progresses, and can stop the sessions whenever you want. You are in full controll and able to hear anything around you. A hypnotherapists will never able take control of your mind, he presented as a facilitator to give the suggestions in order to help solve your problem.

You will remember everything, unless your your hypnotherapist have a valid reason to delay the recall until you feel it is safe and beneficial to the client. (This would be particularly true of uncovered early memories of abuse or other traumas.) Usually, people will only remember things that they’re ready to remember.


What if I cannot “get out” from hypnosis?

You will definitely able to get out of the state of hypnosis. During the session, you can open your eyes to finish the hypnosis session soon. You have full control during the session. With my guidance, you can enter into a state of hypnosis during therapy. However, you are entitled to decide if you want to continue following the therapy session or not. There are some cases where some people enjoy their hypnosis state so that they refused to get out hypnosis. But every professional hypnotherapist have so great ways to get them out from hypnosis.


What will happen when the session is over?

It’s possible that when the session is over, some picture or memories will suddenly appear later in your future. Those pictures sometimes can be disturbing, but remember that you can always contact your hypnotherapist.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Yes, you can come with someone you’d like if you need assurance and if it can comforts you. But it’s improtant for you to understand that your hypnotherapist should recommend you that it would be the best if you’re attending the therapy alone, and you must appreciate that recommendation and ask your therapist to explain the decision.


Does everyone can be hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized as long as they want it. Even people with short attention spans can be hypnotized, but this procedure need special skill from hypnotherapist.


In what circumstances should someone not be hypnotized?

There are some kind of people that have some risks if they get hypnotized, such as people who have epilepsy, under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. This is where the evaluative skills and clinical training of the hypnotist are essential.

Is it possible for fabricate experiences while under hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not a truth serum. There are no guarantee that all the informations that coming from hypnosis are accurate. Some people lie when they’re hypnotized. In fact, someone may be still able to lie after they get truth serum, the serum that made of some chemicals to reduce inhibitions so that the subject reveals solicited information. However, if there is some deep information that the person chooses not to divulge or if it is information that is not consciously known, the subject will not reveal it. Hypnosis can bring back the repressed or forgotten information. The skilled hypnotist have techniques to determine if the subject is lying.


How do I know if the informations that revealed in hypnosis state is true?

Hypnosis is not reliable way digging back into uncomfortable memory. Because some people can experience “false memory syndrom”, where the people believe their memory that never happen, in other words, there are a lot of memories of subject that not even belong to them, and then get biased so that they believe all the memories are real. The conclusion is, hypnosis is not a powerful tool that can guarantee the actualization of subject’s experience.


How to differ hypnosis with sleep, meditation, or imagination?

The best description of hypnosis is experience where the subject is in full controll, and if they feel uncomfortable because of that experience, they can always open their eyes to stop it. Everybody at some point have experience hypnosis, like when people missing the exit way while driving, or when people enjoy watching television or reading book that cannot be disturbed by anyone else.

Eventhough some hypnotist using the word “sleep” as a suggestion to get into relaxation, hypnosis is not a sleep state. Sleep is defined as "periodic suspension of conciousness, while the energy is saved." While sleeping, people cannot noticed what happen around them. Meditation involves focusing people’s mind, most of the meditation technique have a common in overcoming problem and healing.

Generally, there are four kind of meditation. First, is based on controlling body to get the body and mind together, like in Yoga. Second technique is based on controlling the mind which requires concentration, contemplation, and visualization. Concentration can be reached by focusing in an object. Contemplation is reached by word repetition. Third technique in meditation is by releasing the body, using the technique to get relaxing any muscle tension. And the fourth technique of meditation is focusing in releasing thoughts, opening the mind to accept any messages.

There’s a thin line between meditation and hypnosis. Meditation and self hypnosis can get induced with similar way.  Both techniques can get started by asking the subject to stare at one point, guide the breathing, or listen to some singing or melody. Guided imaginary is using mental images for changes, usually associated with health problems. All the techniques above describe relaxation as a part of procedure, where the common thing of  those thress technique is ended.


How to use Hypnotherapy CD

Listen to your “Relaxation” Audio CD in the morning when you wake up before you start any activities, and in the night before you go to sleep.

It’s important to listen to your CD with stereo headset, and listen to it until you get your desired result, and follow every information in this book.

When you listen to my voice, you’ll enjoy the experience. Release all tension from your body, open your mind and take your mind into deepest state of relaxation, during this herapy session, listen to the CD with your imagination and creativity, pay attention and concentrate. I will guide you into your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis state is very much like a state when you almost fall asleep in the night. The state of mind that is neither fully awake nor fully asleep, but aware of all the sounds or noises around you, if there are emergency situation you can immediately open your eyes in fully alert condition. But when you’re ready to listen to the CD again, I recommend you to start the CD again from the beginning, so you can get the maximum benefit and relaxation.



Do not listen to my Hypnotherapy Audio CD when driving or when you’re doing something that require your concentration. If you have epilepsy or clinical depression, I recommend you to first go to your doctor for consultation.

To Overcome your stress, you can learn this manual andd listen to the Relaxation CD in the morning and the morning and night, and you can use this manual again so that you can always remember how to deal with your stress.

But if the cause of your stress is more specific such as smoking, weight problem, or maybe because you have phobia or Emotional issue that interferes with your mind, then to overcome any specific issue that you experience you can Purchase our Specific Self Hypnosis Program in here.