Wellness is a state of Balance Between Physical, And Mental Well-being

First Office Visit:

The Journey To Your Transformation Begin

We begin with a personal consultation with Romy Rafael or One of Romy Rafael Associate to determine your individual needs and Wellness goals. 

This is followed by a thorough evaluation of yourself into account and not simply your areas of chief complaint. 

This session begins with a brief preparatory educational explanation followed by a complete relating of examination findings.We often locate disturbances that others have missed that can hold the key to successful wellness restoration. Initial educational information is provided for home review in anticipation of the second visit.

The Second Office Visit to the Six Office Visit:

This is correlated with your stated complaints, concerns, and health goals.  We will explain the significance of your condition and our anticipated ability to assist in facilitating your recovery and transformation.  Our Team then will explain in depth your options for your consideration. 

People Who Have Hope and Burning Desire Have Everything

We help you to regain your positive and Better Self and Maximize your quality of life, and then empower you to sustain it in the amidst of life’s daily challenges and stresses.

Since year 2000 we have helped many motivated individuals to discover and live the possibilities of vitality and peak performance through enhanced body/mind health.

We bring a positive, dynamic, high-energy transformation and focus our clients each day

Our Unique Approach

We believe we are set apart from the medical model and colleagues for these following reasons :

  1. Our Foundational Perspective
    we align with the most current scientific understanding, which verifies that the human body and mind are self-regulating and self-healing by design. We see people as marvelously dynamic and adaptable rather than machine-like, but living in an injurious and stress-filled world.

    The accumulated emotional injuries and distress, often unperceived, interfere with our health and achievement potential.

    The healing wisdom within you doesn’t need help, simply the release from interference. This view gives us great respect for you and your God-given possibilities.

  2. Our Methodology & Approach
    We incorporated various Transformation and Reprogramming Technique to provide various approaches to create Wellness and balance in our Client to uncover the root or the cause of the issue this method is gentle, very precise, and corrects imbalances from head to toe.  This system of analysis is unique in providing changing adjustments specific for each day so that your progress doesn’t plateau. We provide correction rather than a band-aid and we prove it.

  3. Our Healing Environment
    It is our passionate pursuit to help as many people as possible to fully express their body, mind, and spirit potential, You can expect in our office to clearly know your needs and options for care to reach your specific goals.  We provide short-term game plans for success followed by reassessments to measure progress toward your goals and then new game plans.

Your Expectancy for Transformation and Results

If you receive an evaluation and expert opinion in our office, you will most likely have the experience of countless others who have stated that they had never had such a thorough assessment and had never learned so much about the status of their condition.  This is important since most people have received previous care elsewhere which didn’t seem to resolve their concerns.They often didn’t fully understand their fundamental problem. If you choose to work with us we will help to clear your interference as we have with many of others. We have consistently seen the evidence and received feedback from clients who have had their expectations exceeded.

Your Results is Peak Performance And Enhanced Well-Being

An increasing number of top athletes and performers already understand and balance between Mind and Body.

Business people may need expansive creativity while pursuing the pinnacle of achievement. Homemakers may require more energy to keep pace with their kids. Spiritual seekers may desire to keep the communication line to God as clear as possible. Students may wish to maximize intellectual clarity and memory.

We have helped people of all ages involved in a broad array of life pursuits to feel better physically and emotionally which they have reported has also permitted enhancements in their mental and spiritual lives.